The Dybbuk at The Edmonton Fringe Festival

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17 Aug 2013
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Date(s) - 17/08/2013 - 24/08/2013
All Day

Westbury Theatre

After the success at the Calgary International High Performance Rodeo Festival, I am honoured and thrilled to be performing at the International Edmonton Fringe Festival this August. With stunning new choreography and talented new musicians and dancers, it is an one-of-a-kind experience where Dance, Music, Opera and Magic come together.

Watch the Trailer:

Location: Westbury Theatre 10330 84 Avenue (Northwest corner of Arts Barns)
Box Office: 780 409 1910

Performance Schedule:

August 17, 8:30 PM
August 20, 2:30 PM
August 21, 12:15PM
August 22, 4:00 PM
August 23, 10:30PM
August 24, 4:15 PM

“Choreographer Maya Lewandowsky may be Calgary’s answer to Marie Chouinard” — Bob Clark, The Calgary Herald

“Ballet met rave met faux fashion-show grit in Maya Lewandowsky’s risky creation.”
– FFWD Weekly

“An outrageously accessible yet avant-garde troupe. Israeli-born artistic director Maya Lewandowsky blends the technical grace of ballet with the physically pummelling crashes of La La La Human Steps and the theatrical costumes of Cirque.”
– The Georgia Straight

Show Description:

dyb·buk /ˈdibək/ Noun
(in Jewish folklore)
A malevolent wandering spirit that enters and possesses the body of a living person until exorcized.
A hypnotic journey of love, obsession and surrender.

This DANCE OPERA is an adaptation of S. Ansky’s 19th century folk legend,

THE DYBBUK. A woman is given as a bride by her father to an older wealthy business man “an arranged marriage”, however she is in love with her young true love who dies suddenly of a broken heart when he receives this news. On her wedding day, his spirit enters her body to reclaim her. She is empowered by his love to voice her truth and say NO to family and society’s traditions. This dance opera expresses the themes, emotions and the struggle between the earthly plane and the various spirit realms of the story.


Artistic Director: Maya Lewandowsky
Composer: Steven Gellman
Cast: Elan Pratt, Ariole Kesari Alei, Eily Aurora, Dorothy Bishop, Eric Smith, Maya Lewandowsky.
Light: Kalyna Conard
Projection: Derek Demassi
Costumes: Anni Kuhn, Ethos Bridal Shop
Soundtrack: Eric Smith, Marc Sackman, Steve Rokosh
Stage Manager: rhean murray
Props: Jennie Vallis
Photographer: Katy Whitt
Publicist: Jenna Shummoogum
Executive Producer: Evangelos Diavolitsis

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