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12 Dec 2012

The following inspiring personal growth and community resources have profoundly influenced me on my Journey of the Heart.  It is my wish for the below links to guide you to discover communities of like-minded people and inspire you to unleash your creative life potentials.


The Sonica Circle


Sonica, developed by Gary Diggins of Toronto, Canada, is an improvised soundscape created by a group of people with intention for the wellbeing of another, a group of people or a specific situation. Sonica, in my experience, is at the core of my path of music as medicine. 
Gary Diggin’s website:
To attend Sonica Circles in Calgary:

Headlines Theatre

Headlines Theatre

Built from August Boal’s Theatre of the Oppressed, Theatre for Living uses the unique and highly interactive form of theatre, called Forum Theatre, to engage a community in dialogue to build solutions to real life community problems.
Headlines Theatre:
An example of Forum Theatre from my work as a Mount Royal University Student:


Conscious Communication or Non-Violent Communication (NVC)


Consicous Communication, developed by Marshall Rosenberg, has inspired me to see the peace within every conversation—with self, other and community.  Shifting from the societal conditioned language, his work invites us to connect with others and self by observing without judgment; by acting from an energy of natural giving; and by speaking from our universal feelings and needs. 
Organization website:
Local facilitator, coach and author Barbara Weibe:

Feminine Power and Calling in the One

Feminine Power

The work of Katherine Woodward Thomas and Claire Zammitt is revolutionary: They are taking thousands of women and men through their powerful cutting-edge programs and awakening them to offer their best selves and biggest gifts to the world.
For a an excellent Calgary based coach, go to




I describe the PAX’s offerings as fundamental knowledge about what is means to be men and women and how we can partner with each other (instead of be adversaries) and create powerful, nurturing and loving relationships. Created by Allison Armstrong, PAX’s course offerings, such as Celebrating Men: Satisfying Women are touching thousands worldwide.



Solepath is a new and exciting transformational coaching program. If you asked me where I was before sole path, I would say generally confused and depleted. If you asked me now, I would respond by saying I am standing in my power. Solepath has helped me see who I am,  what motivates me to contribute to the world, express myself with my harp, and, importantly, how to recognize and change the unconscious and damaging patterns in my life. I recommend Solepath to anyone who yearns to live freely in their highest potentials.

For local coach, Ronna  Schneberger, visit


Other Recommended Links and Community Supporters

Zumbido Creative


The friendly and welcoming nature of Michelle and Peter John of Zumbido Creative combined with their knowledge and experience in web design and business has been phenomenal. They are a joy to work with.

Arctic Silver Designs

Arctic Silver Designs

I have only rave reviews to speak of David Sweeney’s work. His photography and graphic design are unique and highly creative.

Conscious Alterations

Conscious Alterations

I worked with Annie to design my first performance Priestess costume. Anni is highly talented and it was a pleasure to work with someone who really values my vision and wants to support me by making me look the part.

Anton Quan Photography

 Anton Quan Photography

Anton’s passion for photography and desire to capture his clients essence has been a gift to experience.

Jamie Newsom

Jamie Newsom

Based just outside of Calgary, Jamie is a very talented harp luthier who made my thirty-six string Celtic Harp. His harp, called Emily, is one of the nicest sounding and resonantly sweet harps I have ever played.


For Curiosity

Omega 432 hz tuning


After playing at the standard 440 hz tuning for my whole life, learning about a new tuning, which is in much more vibrational alignment with the body and earth, was a huge awakening for me. Now, I rarely change the tuning of my harps (the bowls and some other instruments can’t, unfortunately, be changed).  I am more connected when I play and the music is much more healing for myself and my listeners.  My Album, Heart Resonance, was all played at the 432 hz tuning.

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