Have you ever wondered if plants sing?

Indigenous healers have shared that plants possess a spirit essence that communicates through light, sound and vibration. Musician Eily Aurora joins forces with Alla Guelber, founder of the Meaningful Work Project, for a unique set of offerings, including Pop-up Plant and Harp Music Concerts, Harp and Plant Music House Concerts, all exploring a Sound Journey exploration into the mysterious world of the plants.

With the ability to now not only feel the benefit of being with nature, but actually hear and co-create musically with plants, our vital relationship with and to each other is even more evident than ever before. We need nature to survive. How can plant’s song wake us up to listen to the living beings around us and bring greater harmony to the world?

Find out more at: meaningfulworkproject.ca

Facilitator Bios

Eily Aurora helps people live from the heart. The sacred space she creates through her beautiful music, events, workshops and concerts are transformative and deeply moving. She is a harpist,, singer-songwriter, inspirational speaker, constellation facilitator and community organizer living in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Alla Guelber seeks opportunities to create connection to the beauty, resiliency, magic and inherent intelligence of nature. She is the founder/director of The Meaningful Work Project, guiding participants on the journey toward aligning their values and their work.

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