Are you seeking harmony and a sense of connection? As February is heart month, join us for a special evening of tuning in to the grace and beauty of our world through the harp, plant music and community.

Harpist Eily Aurora co-hosts this gathering with:

Alla Guelber, MC
Trevor Uruski, didgeridoo, percussion & native flute
Evan Freeman, percussion, guitar & voice
Paul Gettis, keys and electric bass
Megan Lundrigan, percussion and vocals


Friends Bundle: 3 Tickets for $65
$25 advance / $30 door
$20 student & low-income/ $10 for ages 12-18
This event will sell out! Buy Tickets online at:

A Unique Offering

We invite you to The Lantern Church for a memorable evening blending music, nature and community. Bring a date, a friend, a family member or a neighbour – or join us solo! This is a warm and welcoming space to experience the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible.

In addition to pieces written by Eily Aurora and performed by the band, this concert offers several pieces incorporating plant music. We’ll be able to hear plants singing! Using innovative technology that translates plant frequencies into an audible range, you’ll be able to hear the mysterious world of plants accompanied by Eily Aurora on the harp.

This will be an evening offering a range of experiences. From the Meditative Journey at the start of the concert, to Eily’s improvisational piece with a living plant, to a opportunity to receive the gifts of sound in a direct way, you’ll be guided on a participatory exploration in opening the heart. Select tickets are gifted for those who could especially benefit from the healing properties of sound.

Curious about plant music? Find out more here: Music of the Plants and

Heart Resonance 2018 Gallery Photos





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