Music as Medicine:

Keys to discover soundwork for growth and wellbeing

  • Yearn to express yourself musically?
  • Curious to experience sound as service?
  • Feel a call toward the song of nature?

Workshop description:

Improvise with a singing plant, participate in a community sounding practice and learn to weave sound into your daily life in this day long experiential workshop led by harpist Eily Aurora with Alla Guelber of The Meaningful Work Project.

Indigenous healers teach that plants possess a spirit essence that communicates through light, sound and vibration. Now we can hear and sing with them through the help of the Music of The Plants Machine, a device that translates the electromagnetic variations within plants into sound.

Tune into the universal language of sound through this day-long workshop. *Please bring instruments if possible.

Workshop Details

$125 – Registration fee
Dates TBA – 9:30 AM – 4:30 PM


Anchor Your Creative Vision:

Joyously live your greatest life from clarity and purpose now

  • Feel a call to something bigger but don’t know where to begin?
  • Yearn to express yourself creatively but are unsure where you and your gifts belong?
  • Want more energy but are distracted by busyness and self-doubt?

Move through subconscious blocks and limitations by learning essential keys to anchor a clear vision of life, love and business in this day-and-a-half experiential workshop.

In this workshop you will:

  • Get clarity on your direction and next steps to manifest your vision
  • Become receptive and open to guidance and intuitive messages
  • Increase confidence in yourself and your unique gifts and offerings
  • Save time and energy by making decisions in alignment with your vision

Workshop Details

$165 – Registration fee
Dates TBA – Friday 7:00 PM – 9:30 PM, Saturday 9:30 AM – 4:30 PM


“I initially attended Eily’s Anchor You Vision workshop purely out of curiosity.  I had no inclination then how much it would impact my life going forward.  Eily seamlessly solidified my vision to continue the work I was doing for women in recovery, despite my anxiousness to do so.  I left that circle with a fire lit and a concrete understanding of how standing in my vision would create a ripple of strength and empowerment for women now, and for generations to come.”
– Kim Elson, Women’s Retreat Facilitator

“Wow! Eily’s ‘Anchor Your Vision’ workshop brought brand new clarity to my vision and really helped me nail it down! I have experienced a physical release of stuck energy since the workshop. This was a powerful experience and I highly recommend working with Eily.”
– Meagan Lee Filteau, Co-founder of Eudaimonia

“I have been teaching a movement and embodiment practice for over 15 years and have participated in three of Eily’s Family Constellations sessions. All of my experiences with Eily facilitating have been transformational. Her unique combination of creativity, intuition and understanding of the Family Constellations process are astounding. If you want some clarity in almost any part of your life it seems that Eily is able to facilitate a constellation that will help you with that.”
– Mike Yanish, Core Connexion Dance Facilitator

Other Testimonials from Participants

“This workshop was a life changing experience.”
– Nirosha

“The workshop was everything you said it would be in regards to getting clarity on our vision. Thank you, it was a beautiful and expanding experience. ”
– Jodi

“This felt like the missing puzzle piece in all the other work I’ve been doing.”
– Bella

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